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Being Cyber Stalked

"I’m Matt Wilkie who’s been cyber stalked by a very strange little French man who claims to also be Greek as well as many other things".
Yeah.. You are right Matt Let's tell them all...He’s constantly set stalkedCyber satalked? You mean unmasked! Evan shows your true, perverted, disturbed personality to the world and will continue to make your band of 6-7 low life a showcase of what one can expect to find once migrating to the Philippines, informing locals and foreigners why they should stay away from your destructive behavior. You have largely contributed to the humiliation of our women by endorsing the actions of the most disgusting perverted psychopaths. like the gut below you say is a SEO hehehe!!! Yeah? That's what he does? or maybe this?

Evan Iliadis has regrets that he did not begin "stalking you" way before your sick behavior and voices ordering you to join 4-5 other criminals and spread the schizophrenia all other the forums. All you left with and try to save your image is this: Christopher "aka" Chris Bennetts. Excuse me? He's no longer wanted? You said it here right here not long ago! Now that everyone read your original mails what kind of excuse you invented to replace the failed theory of fake mails? Matt


"The reason he began being attacked by Evan goes back to a dispute that Evan got involved in some time ago regarding a Dean Marston that from reading the legal documents it appears Dean has multiple arrest warrants out for him and it was Evan that ran to his defence on a forum".

Dean Marston had not multiple arrest warrants other than those Christopher Bennetts fabricated with the help of Paul Petrea and Rotarian Dave Polley. The pimp, wanted Dean Marston dead not for the love of Rex and Ruby but because Dean knew too much about Bennetts' criminal activities.

"The issue being I assume that Evan was just in it for the internet trolling initially but ended up losing the argument so has been harassing Chris ever since".

No, Evan wasn't there for trolling. All of you know why he was there.

his also ties in with Chris being a member of the Rotary club another hate of Evan who’s had an on going dispute with what was his local Rotary club in Bohol.

Yes, and he, Bennetts was out of the Rotary Club of Central Mactan! After I spent time making sure this will happen. And it DID happen.


Matt"Guenther Vomberg is probably one of the longest residents I know in the Philippines after being here over 10 years. Haven’t met him yet but he’s generally involved in the Coast guard in the Philippines and a very active member of Philippines forums which is where he became a target of Evan".

Guenther is more than active in the forums. But he made a pee on yours like any one else! By the way, lf these people you "help recovering from Evan's stalking" no one ever came and post to your forum. Why is that?
Reader,beware! Let me give you a few links to read about the guy, is not really worth a feck the queer, but I'm directing you there just in case he crosses your path without you asked for, as in my case. Here is where he lives:

There will be more on Guenther Vomberg, much more, he's in full identity crisis right now, very busy advising several government relief agencies because of his first hand experience with diarrhea, there is a talk in the town that he might also be received by the President ( names!) to advise him on the new cyber libel law..Oh! he's also very active with "chilling effects org", you know that thing where people go to complain for "stolen pictures"? they call it also DMCA or something like that. The problem is the more he complains the more things get worse! Oh well, That's Guenther, what we can do...

Matt Gamsby writes E-books about the Philippines and although I am not a fan of e-books everyone is entitled to their opinion and if his books were as bad as Evan makes out wouldn’t there be no market for sale, yet Perry has been selling his books for years! Evan Iliadis disputes the fact that Perry Gamsby writes his e-books for no apparent reason except to complain. Because he has never bought or read them!

Of course never bought them! to read what? Like this below?




The statement above was made on a PH government watched forum while a British prisoner was held without trial in a prison of hell near Manila eliminating any chance Kevin Taylor may had for clemency. Perry's Gamsby's schizophrenia has made the head lines on every single forum in the PH over the years. Most of the forums has banned the sale of his books, so did affiliates that he never paid , only Chris Bennetts continue selling them..If at least he included some stories like yours, like this one you sent me in the mail ....


Timothy Potter is a retired marine living in Cebu full-time and a happily married father and husband. He became a target by Evan for simply knowing another expat that Evan doesn’t like.

Daisy Cline is a very active member of charity organisations in CDO,Philippines and as she is married to an American and also was an active member of forums she also became a target of Evan Iliadis. Although she has now pretty much removed herself from the web after constantly being harassed by Evan.

There are at least another 20 people to add to this list all have common things in common :-

If you KNOW ME please feel free to comment below about me as the REAL ME not the fake person Evan Iliadis is trying to project onto the internet.
Of course! We all know the piece of shit you are, no one wants to come to your defence, they are ashamed and fearful it will backfire on them...Only 4 of them, la creme de la creme of my wall of shame! All came here to talk about themselves not about how great you are! In fact, I haven't see a single one praising you, even those you "assist" to put down Evan...

  • Simon says:

    Known you for a long time Matt and have to admit the stuff Evan’s come out with just putting it alongside the other people he attacks its all obviously fake. Guy has obviously failed on many levels and just bitter, he has nobody to talk to in his home so spends his time looking for people on the web.
    Simon...Simon who? If youre proud of Matt why don't you come up with your real name?

    October 30, 2012 at 8:23 am
  • Bradley Hughes says:

    Evan and his buddy tried to drag me into their lies and slander. Evan has very bad problems. Most everything on his site is a lie. It is sad that he is so filled with hate. People in France will see and know what type person he is.
    Well, I haven't see them Brad but yours are all over

    October 30, 2012 at 8:45 am
  • Perry Gamsby says:

    Matt, I was dragged into Evans pit of lies and filth because Chris was my business partner at the time, handling the marketing of my ebooks. He alleged I didn’t write them and so on. I have never met him but did try to reason with him, leaving a message on his phone but of course, he just ploughed on. Then he cottoned on a dispute between another expat and others and I stood by my friend, all the while being the first to say he had made mistakes, done the wrong thing and his actions were indefensible but, he had done me no harm and I don’t abandon mates in their hour of dire need.

    In the last six years or so he has published his lies and twisted half truths online and I know they have cost me jobs, but now I work for myself and despite his claims I defraud the welfare system here, we do quite well thank you very much. Iliadis is a sad, pathetic and mentally ill individual and I feel sorry for his family. Look what he said about me:

    October 30, 2012 at 8:59 am
  • Mike says:

    There is never a reason for anything that Evan does excpet luncay. Mike Who? Who else? Probably the pimp spooks from Cagayan De Oro.... This one below:

    October 30, 2012 at 9:39 am
  • Guenther says:

    Here comes the new star of the web! the rising star! The Man Of The Year, the Man the Philippines needs most! Guenther Vomberg the Commander of the Philippines Navy! A big round of applause please!!!! Standing ovation!!!

    Here is Guenther s Good Evening.
    Yes Matt Wilkie, mr.Evan Iliadis is a true criminal Cyberstalker and Internet Troll.
    How i got into his blogs- simple. He wants to destroy an Internet Forum 9Which banned him) and therefore starts with proliferate Posters first.
    I have emails from him stating just that.
    Guenther Vomberg - Living in Cebu PhiAnd where he threatened to “lambast” me, simply because he “felt it was the time for it”. But in the same emails he admits, that he know absolutely nothing about me. Nothing !
    So in order to achive the goal to harm an internet Forum ( Illusion of grandeur) consisting of 10.000 or more registered members/posters he harrases the most proliferate or active posters.

    And i am a welcome target also because i am a Public Person and when people read my name they may read his blog.

    At least that is waht he thinks,problem is,peoplewhich know me, don’t need to check the Internet. They already KNOW ME . Thats is where his whole “calculation” fails.

    Still,it is his Imaginations that he is someone important. So first he just “tagged” all his articles with my Name and after not getting any response, writing fictional Articleswith a lot of Humbug he invented.

    Humbug #1- he claims I “sneaked” my way into the Philippine Coastguard Auxiliary.
    That may be a remote possibility, but how does he explain my Rank as Commander ?
    ( Lt.Colonel for Armed forces ) Not only the Rank, also the positions as Division Leader MAREP since years now.
    All Ranks and Position must be approved by the Admirality of the “ORGANIC” (professional) Coastguard.
    Specially Field Grade officers !

    Humbug #2- he claims the order of the Knights of Rizal is a “Club” which admits every Foreigner just “like that”.
    But how did I get exalted to the third degree ( KCR ) then ?
    By no less than Supreme Justice Hilario Davide Jr.?
    One of two only at that occasion ?

    Humbug #3 He also says similar things about the Kiwanis Club of Cebu. Claiming that they just “invite” any foreigner based upon the “word” of another Foreigner.
    Mr.Iliadis, how full of falsehood and lies again.
    I was “invited”, by or better as the Kiwanis says, I was the “Protege” of my Filipino Friend, a certain (late) Cerge Remonde. Who is an example of Integrity and virtue !
    Also I was the FIRST EVER FOREIGNER admitted to the Kiwanis Club of Cebu.
    That was in 1999 and i became Secretary right away. And elected as President in 2010/2011.

    Humbug #4 in oneof his blogposts he also mentioned Sir Hans Schoof as an example of virtue, unlike my (according to his accusations “bad” Person).
    But he “overlooked” to check the Photographs and documents widely available on the Internet, where it is clear to see, that Sir Hans Schoof was one of the most active Knights of Rizal ( Ooops)….AND also my personal Friend in Manila since 1985.
    In fact, Sir Hans Schoof invited and SPONSORED me to the Order of the Knights of Rizal in 1995. Together with Sir Egon Sittig, the German Vice Consul to the Philippines.

    Oh Yeah! He never told me that! I will reprimand him for the omission personally next summer when I'll be in Baclayon! This is inadmissible! He kept such an event that changed the history of the Philippines for himself?

    " Both Foreigners,true,but… it was into the Knights Chapter in Heidelberg/Germany and I was the 54th Knight only…a quite Elitarian Club..
    Back then consisting only of Germans".

    I Know! I heard it! That during a rich esoteric and symbolic ritual as a newly elevated knight you were entrusted the ancients and noble secrets of sausage fabrication, one of the main ingredients the taste will determine how good or bad the sauerkraut will be.

    Sir Hans Schoof also hosted the Occasion in Tagbilaran, where i got exalted to the 2nd degree in 1999.
    And he is still my Friend and Fraternal Brother.
    Fact is, thatMr. Iliadis was and is soo full of nonsense and wrong as he can be AGAIN.

    Simple, so he can claim, that I am whatever he THINKS ABOUT.
    However, the Insane Cyberstalker will make up some more mockery stories, making himself more and more “unbelievable”.

    Let him be, one day his Kharma will get him. And the Authorities.
    In the Philippines he is already a “Persona non Grata”. One may guess why..
    He insulted 40.000 Knights of Rizal, 23.000 Philippine Coastguard Volunteers and an unbeknown to me number,( but in cebu City there are only ~40 ) of Kiwanis Club Members.
    He is the Joke. And everyone laughs about him.

    Wow! impressive speech! I think Evan should apologize to those "honorable fraternities" . He didn't know they are represented by a schizophrenic bayot, he underestimated the power of Guenther, meaning, "you insult Guenther, you insult 63.000 persons more! But he left out another 10.000 members from living in Cebu forum, plus 5 members fro Matt Wilkie's forum liveinthephilippines! I thought they also gave you power of attorney!!

    October 30, 2012 at 1:13 pm
  • Chip says:

    I have known Matt for at least 2 years. I have met him personally.
    He is a hard working, moral and altruistic man! He has helped many people including me. I don’t know what anyone else thinks, but as for me, I will always stand with Matt!!!

    Chip? Who? strike it out! no comment!....

    October 31, 2012 at 2:47 am
  • Chris Bennetts says:

    What can I say about Evan Iliadis. he is my number one FAN he really just wants to be like me. He has built maybe 20 or 30 or even more pages about me. He has made so many impersonation accounts of me. He just admires and is envious of me in so many ways. He is an ugly little old man that no one take any notice of in real life. He is a failure at everything he does. No body loves him. No body respects him. It is any wonder he admires me so much as i am the direct opposite of him.

    How do you know that Chris? I have been -and continue to be- the most important persom in your life! The one you spent time on line neglecting even your own chidren! BTW, when was the last time you saw them? Looking at the picture you got really old Chris and drugs alchohol and other "chemical abuses" have marked your face for good! Let me remind you for a moment what I have done for you and be honest to say at least a simple "Thanks Evan for your time!"

    October 31, 2012 at 11:46 am
    • Matt says:

      would be funny but Evan’s serious about what he does and you can hear the aggression and anger in his posting. Often the spelling mistakes occur because he’s typing out of frustration. Issue here is what is his problem? Why doesn’t he go do something positive instead of this constant trolling.

      October 31, 2012 at 11:56 am
  • Bradley Hughes says:

    It’s sad that he gets some kind of sick pleasure stalking and hurting others.

    November 3, 2012 at 3:42 pm
  • Matt Wilkie says:

    I am not sure if he wants recognition of “something in his life” as he feels everything else has failed or just pure bitterness. Whatever it is he’s a lost cause.

    So..If is a lost cause why you want my blogs down? If no body is reading them whay you cry to google for pity? You won't get any! From no one! Not even those 5 you try to allied them to your "combat" All they care is their ass, not yours!BTW, have you checked the cliffs around your area? Those to avoid passing by?

    November 21, 2012 at 2:17 am

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