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Matt Wilkie–Philippines

January 6, 2013

I am Matt Wilkie I am a security guard who works internationally, last year I was in Oman this year in Qatar, and lives in Cebu,Philippines with my wife and family. I just wanted to drop by and say a big hello and explain a bit about the blog.

Business are very bad everywhere in the world right now the BPO 24hours business is not doing well because these assholes clients want every thing for nothing! We sign a contract specifying to what is included then next day they say we should add this and that! Go Feck yourself you assholes I got really mad with this people that have no respect for us Filipino Overseas Workers!... Enough is enough! I'd rather raise smart pigs than knell to these indecent bosses!... Almost they don't ask to slip with your wife! Especially now that she's alone in the Philippines and me here working 20/24 to feed the family!....


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