Matt Wilkie On Helping Expats

Matt Wilkie On Helping Expats

September 4, 2012
Matt wilkie on Steve Matrix

Matt Wilkie is myself by the way but wanted to express the fact that helping out others often can create conflict not only in the Philippines but abroad and the internet.

I gained an internet stalker some time ago because of my involvement with the child protection unit in the Philippines. Why? Well the self proclaimed crusader of sexpats in the Philippines Evan Iliadis wasn’t actually ermm.. chasing down anyone. In fact most of his so called conquests were all faked and fabricated. Uncovering this and talking to the people he claimed were all bad it became apparent very quickly that Evan Iliadis had a serious chip on his shoulder and possible mental issues to boot.

Ahhhhh!!!!the Liar!!!!


Hey Matt I have never been pushed by someone inside a cliff!My brain is in place! You helped the PNP on the child protection program? That's not what your mails to Evan show. The mail concerning Steve Matrix posted above was for the purpose of helping an expat? May I know why you were after Steve Matrix? In fact, why you initiated his hanging on the wall of shame? Did he owe you any money? You now what? Unlike your partner Guenther Vomberg, he has been much smarter in negotiation with me to explain the story. He was quick to understand the Living in Cebu forums was nothing else but garbage, left and never look back again. How about Guenther? He too left the forum for 3 months to go down the gutter, the dirty kitchen that is,together with Spooks and other "forum stars"

Enough of that though as I am tired of hearing about him and no doubt others are but it gets me on to my next point. I have helped expats both in and out of the Philippines with work, connections and other things but what do you get in return?
No, you are not tired writing about me. Of what I'm observing, I am the priority in your life, the one that keeps you busy constantly, day and night, will get worst, You have not enough pages and comments on Evan to clean up your name and those of others that you maliciously tinted. A lot of work ahead Matt! and no luck for you, I'm in good health, good enough to be around for the next 10 years at least..

Because for me its nothing about financial gain its just about helping other people out in a bad situation or hooking people up that have ideas that would work well together. The problem is though when they do something wrong or ignore advice they will suddenly look for a direction of blame which generally means avoiding themselves in any equation. Welcome to the modern world where its always someone else’s fault.

Your lying again,you snitched to me every one of your friends in the hope that putting them on the wall of shame will discredit their blogs, forums,and what ever products they were selling and the traffic will be diverted to your site. Here is and example
On 12 févr. 2012, at 03:16, Matt Wilkie wrote:
Well I can give something a bit more powerful but it needs to be done in the right way. I have over 24,000 people on Twitter as well as now getting into the top 3,000 sites in the Philippines. We need to find some statements of Pauls log it on your blog and I will post it as an outrage against Filipino's there has to be plenty of things he's said on his forum that will inflame locals and the fact he is on the run it could go viral for people to have him deported. What you think?

and this one:

"Chris Bennetts I have been looking at today and its a bit confusing on what he is directly involved with. I can see his internet hosting account in relation to the Porn sites but not sure on how to prove his direct ownership as I could do with more info on this as the PNP aren't currently persuing him for this. It involves abuse of a minor but will have to get more information."
Im trying to make sure there is enough evidence for a conviction as the PNP will struggle with anything online, I need to convert it into a paper format that they can use. Bit of a pain as a "whois" makes sense to us but not to the officers involved at least not yet."

And this one:
All those on the list in the U.S. are part of Dreamboard and all engaged in the same or similar crimes. It was a very large child abuse ring of around 600 members. How the board worked was to be a member you have to submit photos of you abusing children, then other people do the same and they encouraged each other to abuse children more and more. Its tracking down the kids which is the main key to all of these arrests long term. But its like some of these nightlife sites for the Philippines there is sub sections inside them that most people aren't aware exist I accidently got into one due to a link they were using on my blog for a hotel I was getting a lot of traffic for a specific hotel so searched back to where the link was and discovered that for some reason the site wasn't secure. I had access to guys sharing information about sharing girls within Cebu city and Angeles. Not children but prostitutes complete with phone numbers, what they did and how they rated them. Following day I found that the site was completely locked down and couldn't get in to save any of the data to expose it. I have people currently working on getting this open so I can pass on the information to yourself as locally the PNP won't be interested but naming and shaming guys with photos online will do them a lot of damage.

Evan says: Matt Wilkie,This is all BS! you were a member and a partner in selling child pornography taken from this site. You did send me pictures of this site, I have them notarized by a lawyer as came attached to your mail and also the password you were log in
Folks, take a look on the screen of a mail sent to Evan Iliadis by Matt. So, the PNP wasn't interested by him,sick and tired each time he was going there they were sending him buy beer for them,

Matt Wilkie mail on a mamassan in Cebu selling porn pictures

Which does make me wonder is it worth all the hassles of helping other people out? I have to admit got some real good friends out of experiences in and out of the Philippines and it seems to be a constant balancing act because of what seems to be mental conditions of many expats.
Mental condition of many expats? you mean all those abandoned your forum and blogs leaving you alone with retard and criminals? Like Guenther Vomberg, Chris Bennetts,Tim potter? I don't see any body else coming to "see you" other than the ID' you create on your forum. But hard to fool any one. We all know the formula now. "Matt post, Matt reply"!

Being out in the desert (in Oman) its a similar situation though as someone brought it up regarding here where many people are escaping something to come here in the first place. Why else would you sit in the middle of nowhere (besides the money) with very little facilities and extremely limited social life for months at a time. Needs must for Indian’s and people from Pakistan but what about everyone else from abroad? I think the same can be said about the Philippines as a small niche are there for business like here but then there seems to be a large group you will shake your hand at if someone asked if they were ok or good as you simply don’t know but “seem ok”.
There you are Matt Wilkie! You don't fit in the first world, you don't fit in the Philippines, we thought and were sur, the Oman was the ideal place for you!...Let me repeat your phrase: .as someone brought it up regarding here where many people are escaping something to come here in the first place. Why else would you sit in the middle of nowhere (besides the money)
You are an escapee man! That's how everyone consider you! A loser and good for nothing!TheIindians and Pakistanis you mention on your rant have no other way of surviving famine, they do not escape anything dishonoring them. But you?A lost soul, you no longer know who you are, where do you belong.Not many live in this country in their 30s. Losers only. You are a rare specimen of this kind.

The Expat community can often throw up some surprises because of similar things as seeing people in the afternoon for example everyday may seem fine but the same person in the morning is hung over and the evenings drunk yet you never see that part of their life. So question is how far would you  go to help an expat you hardly know?


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2 Responses to Matt Wilkie On Helping Expats

  1. Matt on October 27, 2012 at 9:33 am

    There will always be a happy medium, I was watching something while working in the Middle East I believe it was on the BBC News 24 which summed it up. Basically what it said is you could write or do something and a large group of people would hate it but just as much chance as another group loving it. In other words you can’t keep everyone happy all of the time.

  2. People has plenty to hate on what you are writting.In fact, those are the only one reading your blogs
  3. Guenther Vomberg on September 9, 2012 at 5:04 am

    Good Day,

    you are speaking out of my heart.
    I also just try to help other people with posting advise or tips in verious forums about “Living in the Philippines”.
    But what do I often “harvest” instead ? Critizism and insults. (Not to mention a common nasty cyberstalker inventing stories about me, lol)
    One wonders what makes those frustrated People “experts”. I learned in life that one should never listen to loosers, but successful People. And those hardly complain only about their life. They cope and find solutions.

    I personally do not mind if People “vent” their frustration or anger about their new home, but why can they not accept, that there are some out there which have adapted to their new home (Philippines) and integrated themselves sucessfully into Philippine Society?

    So i share your sentiments about “giving it up and let them live in their frustration”, but then every morning i wake up and think, maybe there are some out there which just read and try to follow what i am suggsting and find theirown solutions for problems ?

    Because as so often, nice and decent People are a “silent majority”.

    In this context I would suggest to just ignore the “flamers” because there are others out there which need Tips and advise.

    Thats my advise for you, :-)

  4. Commander Guenther vomberg you haven't helped anyone but yourself by kissing Paul Petrea's ass that permitted you to build an image to his forum. But not many bought your game.

    You live in the cross road of humiliation and abandonment by all, having as last recourse Matt, Chris Bennetts Tim Potter and Spooks. I didn't see who else is on your side. I repeat again.

    Evan Iliadis had more supporters that you had in the Living in Cebu forums. You finally got the message of been undesirable and stopped posting.

    They all had the same opinion about you, a narcissistic schizophrenic looking for "likes" and recognition on your know all guy you thought you are.

    It took time to understand they were laughing at you, especially since you show up wearing this uniform.

    Not knowing where to turn for help you trusted the lowest of the low life sexpats in your war against Evan Iliadis, those sexpats you swear you were against.

    You have now proven to the world that you are one of them,trying to fool others wearing this uniform thinking it makes you a VIP. Pizza maker and

    a"Commander of the Philippines armed forces" don't go together.. Meanwhile enjoy your company...

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Sick and tired of your lies pedophile!Another fake picture supposedly you took in Qatar..Yeah? you did? Again, not even the newbiest of the newbies will buy that this is an original picture.

Mental Health And Expats In The Philippines | Matt Wilkie

Liar!Liar!,Liar! You are one of them with the most of mental problems an expat ever had! A sick guy, the most disturbed personality the expat and sexpat community combined has ever encountered!



Liar!Liar!Liar! You haven't seen London since times immemorial! You are a wanted man in England because like your buddies Paul Petrea Christopher Bennetts Tim Potter and Probably Guenther Vomberg you are not paying child support compensation to the mother of your daughter in England.


It is known and proven with no doubt on any one's mind that the Philippines is home of the most perverted human traffickers where they have found refuge. It's already spread out of control, beyond any drastic remedy susceptible to curb the trend, the hard economic times and explosion of the natality will make it even worst before - and if- gets any better. Each time someone will approach the subject the naysayer will always, say: "Oh well, you are wasting your time" Or, "nothing will change, just leave things alone" or,"is their (Philippines) problem" and so on..

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Another one from the megalomaniac- mythomaniac Matt Wilkie. The voices in the night (and day as well)- told him that he should fully develop his world class business skills in the digital cyber, virtual, high-tech cyberstalking,cyber porn world, (I'm sure I forgot many), Matt woke up in the middle of the night and start executing voices' orders. He started building a site with flash whistles and bells phrases and words like:

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Fellow readers, not long ago I made an important announcement on something big was about to happen in the Philippines. a unique call center was on the way, the local government including Guenther Vomberg (He's a Public Person)! were in full rehearsal for the inauguration day. Chris Bennetts also was scheduled to be there with 2 chicks under 15 entertaining his partners and guests. and just when everything was about to begin Matt Wilkie launched the bombshell. In an special entry of the sister blog he put this:


Evan shows your true, perverted, disturbed personality to the world and will continue to make your band of 6-7 low life a showcase of what one can expect to find once migrating to the Philippines, informing locals and foreigners why they should stay away from your destructive behavior. You have largely contributed to the humiliation of our women by endorsing the actions of the most disgusting perverted psychopaths. like the gut below you say is a SEO hehehe!!! Yeah? That's what he does? or maybe this?

Matt Wilkie Mails to Evan Iliadis

Matt Wilkie Mails to Evan Iliadis: Fake Mails? Yeah? Why it took you more than a year to come up with that? Or maybe your days are numbered from angry expats you try to calm them down? We'll leave it up to the readers to judge. December 9 2012Folks, the mail below has been uploaded to a Google drive and can be downloaded for viewing or just click on the image, download the original mail format as received, go to your download folder and open it with your mail application.

Matt Wilkie from tropical penpals

Matt Wilkie from tropical penpals When there is no other way to survive in the first world expats can always sell their soul to the devil. Does it pay?
Fellow readers, Good expats and bad sexpats throughout the world, decent and evil people, pimps schizophrenics and disillusioned, all welcome to my site.
You are now familiar with the sexpats wall of shame, the original, as written by Evan Iliadis and copied by others - including Matt Wilkie- a known copy cat that has no ideas, other than the ones he's stealing from others. to tell you just crap.
Most of the characters on Evan's wall of shame are either ole farts living with chicks third of their age,

Cry Baby cry page2

Matt Wilkie is not happy with the competition! So, you are telling us your are a victim? No! you are the trash of the internet, YOU have copied hundreds of web pages, you have stolen pictures from Evan's family Facebook and published them on your blogs, he and anyone from his family don't care, the community know who we are, you have snitched and tried to destroy any one close to you, stole their sites and their work, falsely reported them to the Philippines National Police in Cebu. You put your sites on a whitelist? Put them where you want we will find them and destroy them. Because is nothing else of copycat work, defamation, a cover-up to your criminal nightlife activities in Cebu.


Matt Wilkie You are the one you need to be brought to justice. You are the most disgusting hypocrite the Philippines expat community has ever knew. you will even sell your mother to hell for a a better Google ranking of your web sites, you have reported to the PNP all your friends with claims you have fabricated for the heck of turning their eyes away of your obscure activities in Cebu. At least that's what you thought. You have cooperated with every single pimp and criminal in Cebu, you are familiar with all pedophilia dealers pretending you are visiting their sites like the dreamboard to help the Philippines National Police. They don't give a shiet about you, Have deliver them a case of beer today?

Is a Piggery a viable business in the Philippines?

Is a Piggery a viable business in the Philippines?
Depending on what your skills are. If you don't know anything else in life -professionally and intellectually speaking, and how desperately you need money to survive, it may help to provide your family with meat once in while instead of the daily salted fish menu.


Hummm!!! no interest in naked women? What the hell is that Guenther Vomebrg? This confirm rumors that you are....Excuse me? What? No, I was saying if true come out of the closet and tell the world the truth! How you feel and that's it! You know how liberal and tolerant the Philippines society is on the subject don't you? There is no need to hide it....
As for Tim Potter software, you said you got them fro free in exchange of a meal and 2 cokes?


Matt Wilkie from tropical
If it happened your name is for any reason known to Matt Wilkie living near Cebu in the Philippines you owe it to yourself to verify with the PNP (Philippines National Police) if he didn't report any thing on you, even if you think you are a decent man, or have nothing to fear because you haven't done anything wrong. Matt Wilkie doesn't care. He needs to protect his pimping business and must be loyal to the PNP...

Matt Wilkie congratulations to Evan

Click on the image and enjoy the moron

Matt Wilkie was about selling counterfeited bogus TV software to the members of the forum and many were opposed to that. With the fall of Paul Petrea Tim Potter felt his crooked business falling apart as well. Tim could no longer sell in a confused forum where members were deserting it one after the other, so did himself.e


Matt wilkie. Click on the picture to see how much he cares about expats.

Matt wilkie "El pistolero"

To show how stupid Matt is, or maybe just a “bit touched in the head”, he can’t seem to keep his story straight about the Ellah Joy Pique Case. He claims he knows that no foreigner is involved yet he keeps claiming that Thomas Rhuland may be the real killer.
Hey Matt, get your stories straight or just shut up.
Also you need to stop having all your imaginary friends and foes posting on your blogs. It is so obvious it is really you making up most of the replies. I thought Lloyd Chumbley was your #1 enemy, yet you keep letting him post (but we already know that it is really you, just using his name).
Strange that not only 13 minutes passed and you had a reply to a guy that you claimed was banned from ever posting on your websites.
So Lloyd Chumbley is really Matt Wilkie, and I would assume that the majority of posters on any of Matt’s websites are just figments of Matt’s delusional world. I guess that fall from the cliff really messed up his head.
My advice to Matt, stay off the internet until you get a clean bill of health or get some therapy, you look the fool that your are. What a pathetic individual, no wonder you have to make up pretend friends, as no one would want to associate with you.
NEVER trust Matt, he has thrown enough people under the bus, so be very aware of what Matt is all about. Look at what he tried to do with Evan. Set him up with emails to child porn. And why is Matt even involved in looking at these websites with passwords? Isn’t that a felony to even access these kinds of websites? So Matt has confessed to viewing child porn. That makes him a criminal too.

Matt-Wilkie-Cebu-Detective-PNP advisor

Well,a deep subject folks!. The head injuries from his fall down the cliff fleft some scars we can all see lol!! He's like me? Hum!!! No. I am not like him. I don't avoid Americans. I am an American Citizen myself, by affiliation, (My wife being a Fil/Am when I met her in LA), even I have never used this citizenship, I didn't need it I had a green card, the few years I lived in Los Angeles was a great experience.

Matt wilkie's fakr twitter site

Click on the image above to see Matt's wilkie fake Twiter page. One muast be sick to beleive that this is Paul Petrea's page. I will show you other mails where Matt wilkie said what he does on facebook and Twitter

Evan Iliadis

Evan Iliadis Memories of a former Rotarian and Human trafficking activist


The heart of snitching is the deal between the government and the criminal suspect, in which the government permits the suspect to avoid potential criminal liability or punishment in exchange for information. In this sense, "snitching" refers to a relatively narrow class of people who give information to the government in exchange for impunity for their own crimes; it is not about whistleblowers, crime victims, civilian witnesses or people who call "911." Rather, criminal informant deals are special because they involve a decision by the government to forego arrest, prosecution or punishment. In other words, snitch deals are a form of plea bargain. This is one of the most important features of informant use: it is not merely an investigative tactic, but a widespread, secretive and almost completely unregulated method of resolving guilt. Or their untimely deaths".

Matt Wilkie Philippines

I am Matt Wilkie I am a security guard who works internationally, last year I was in Oman this year in Qatar, and lives in Cebu,Philippines with my wife and family. I just wanted to drop by and say a big hello and explain a bit about the blog.

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