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Hi Evan,
just concerned about Jim being there as he is the caretaker for the British Embassy in CDO not that i contest what your doing just worried if anyone browsed over without reading and tried to cast him in a dim light. As regards Don its not Don Herrington its Don Black I am referring to in the photo to do with the CDO ladies charity? He's a retired fire chief currently in Qatar returning back here to retire full-time next month. He's neither the type of guy that generally associates with people like Paul Petra or the others. He like me also generally avoids Americans. Not that we are racist but the truth of the matter 90% of them here seem to be involved in something they shouldn't or treating the locals like animals and sex slaves. Myself I am often in disputes the same as you no doubt are the last one was around 3 months ago which I am still recovering from after I was dropped 20ft off a cliff towards Tapul inland from Talisay. Left me with cracked ribs, a head injury, sprained ankle and a lot of bruises as well as 4 hrs of climbing up the face and walking through the night to find help. My blog came about to counteract the conmen of the Philippines and which is why I receive a lot of hate mail as well. Which is why I have pushed the blog towards a business direction as this is to prove you can make a "legal" income here and at the same time not be involved in borderline activity such as bikini bars but instead work on the internet etc.

Now the one campaign I have done which has done more damage to these guys than anything else is the blog as its starting to push up the rankings ahead of many of the other sites/blogs on the Philippines to try and take TropicalPenpals to the no.1 position of the key search terms for the Philippines which should start removing newcomers and start to starve people like Perry Gamsby's books as the information in the blog is free and useful. At the same time in the future I may end up publishing "good information" for those people that I cannot get to change their minds to realise its already there for free as I have bought most people's ebooks here to see if any were worth buying so I could review and to be honest they are worse than I had expected.

But the reason new comers are important is this, I remember when I arrived in the Philippines originally and met several moderators and Paul Petra only place they would meet? Bikini bars which is not an area i was or are interested in but it was the easiest way to meet people here a long time who have local information and the who is who on how to make a living here. Little did I know back then is their concern is not helping me but looking to see if I could invest in them or help them in some other way. The main issue with this though is they are looking to try and set people up at the same time for some reason, nope I didn't do anything odd or stupid the girls know me for one reason in the place they would meet and that's free pizza as they would swarm on someone entering the room which is why I would order a family pizza then when it arrived moved table leaving the girls to eat.

The point i am making is something i keep hearing though is that people will shrug the attitude off as "this is the Philippines" which constitutes whatever abuse they are doing as an excuse to their actions as if i am in the wrong for taking the moral high ground to say its just wrong.

Anyway enough of me.. prefer to stay out of your blog if i can help it as i am assisting in undercover work here which is why i don't talk too much on the blog directly about these types of things. The PNP are hitting road blocks with certain establishments here having a "NO" local policy to stop the undercover work taking place which is where I have got involved to assist.


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