Mercedes-Benz A180 Review at 20,000 miles.

Several people I work with have cars coming up for renewal and asked about my Mercedes A180 and I thought I might as well put a video together as others out there may find it useful. After nearly a year and 20,000 miles its a more accurate review than you will get off some TV show that has a flick through the manual and a track day.Mercedes-Benz A180 Review at 20,000 miles.

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Friend Matt Wilkie asking help. Urgent! - Guenther Vomberg

Matt-wilkie-Philippines-his-life-his-travels-his-lies Mercedes-Benz A180 Review at 20,000 miles.

Mercedes-Benz A180 Review at 20,000 miles -Matt Wilkie

Do I like the Mercedes A180? After nearly a year would say yes I still like it although it isn’t the best car I have had. Its a little bit smaller than I would like and vision out of the vehicle isn’t great. Matt-wilkie-Philippines-his-life-his-travels-his-lies

But on the positive side the hands free and stereo system work well, engine is reliable and quick. The on-board computer monitoring the types and pretty much everything else is extremely useful and on long journeys the dashboard will beep at you telling you to go and grab a coffee.

Its a nice car in many ways I just hope they sort the viewing out of the vehicle out as its the biggest gripe I have with it and I know 2 people already rejected getting the car from our fleet for the same reasons. After nearly a year its still difficult to reverse etc. and the pillars on the front windscreen obscure the view further. Yet I would still like one when I get back from holiday and recommend the car.

No good for family use as I find the back seats a little cramped for kids over 10 but if its just for the school run would be ok. Its more of a work car than for family use though or for couples. Although at £26,000 you have to consider all your options as the “basic” model you may find you can get a cheaper car from another manufacturer with all the extras for the same price. Matt-wilkie-Philippines-his-life-his-travels-his-lies

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Mercedes-Benz A180 Review at 20,000 miles -Matt WilkieLatest posts by Matt Wilkie (see Matt Wilkie currently works as an engineering manager and asset surveyor. With over 20 years in the FM and maintenance industry.
Currently back in the UK organising bringing his family to Spain in Europe. A world traveler who has lived and worked in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

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Matt Wilkie-his life his travels his lies. - Matt Wilkie Philippines Matt Wilkie Philippines

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Mercedes-Benz A180 Review at 20,000 miles.

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Mercedes-Benz A180 Review at 20,000 miles.

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