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I have been asked why choose the Philippines for 24 hour BPO services but for me the advantages are fairly obvious while living in the country.

As you all know by now I am Matt Wilkie from Tropical living in the Philippines for nearly 6 years now.
I came with a small budget, not enough to live and enjoy life like most expat came here and build business and real estate. No. I had very little. My wife keep asking me why we don't get the hell out of here and go to England?

I don't really know what to tell her because the truth is the UK government refuses to accept us because of the following:

1- I owe money for child support to the mother of my daughter who lives there risking to be forced to repay it by any means ( In the first world we mean it) while here in the philippines no one cares.They can't.

2- The UK wants to make sure we'll not became a public charge and ask me to justify a minimum income of 1500 Euro a month which -even so low this is - not having any skills it's impossible for me to earn it. Of course, I could do like Evan Iliadis wife did, opened her own office cleaning business and has 8 Filipino Employees working.
But I need investment money and cash flow to face the overhead for at least 4 months provided the minimum wages in France is € 9.80 an hour. Out of the question. No money for that. So here I am stacked like many other expats who can't even afford to pay the ticket for their family to exit the Philippines.

Philippines Outsourcing | Call centre and virtual assistant services.The first thing about the Philippines is nearly everyone seems to speak some level of English. Even my smart pigs. The better the level of education generally the better the grasp of the English language.

Adding to that due to the BPO industry booming in the Philippines getting experienced agents isn’t difficult. In fact its more of a problem getting enough clients to keep them all busy.
Adding to that, assuming I have clients, As you can see on my picture below showing my desk, I only have one computer and one telephone line. How can I accommodate the agents? I need more space computers and telephone lines. So for the moment I don't even have work for myself!

But what about the quality? This is something else I have been looking into a lot and the fact that there are a growing number of people outsourcing to the Philippines pretty much says it all. Even many Indian companies have moved some of their business here.

Of course they came here with millions in their bank accounts, comfortably installed in Makati, they already had the clients and there you go! Not like me lol! I had not a single prospective client, not even a promise from one. All I had was the support of Evan Iliadis the guy tried really hard to help me but I didn't cease the opportunity

Reality is that back in the UK I myself would put the phone down upon hearing that annoying voice that you instantly recognized as Indian and instantly know they were going to talk about gas and electric suppliers.

A contract today came up regarding the very same thing (considering I have been out of the UK full-time for 6 years), the issue of houses being bombarded with India telesales has become a major problem. So be, business is business i whish I had it also and never mind the problem

The Philippines population doesn’t have the same voice issues as their second language is English. To the point you will find much of the media here often wanders in and out of local dialects and English even in the same sentences.
But there is problem also because how one can expect from the call receiver to distinguish if the accent in English is Indian -hung up- or is Filipino -Hello baby! can we chat a bit? Fecking shit all that I think Evan is right, the future is on the smart pigs. No bitchy customers no "agent training".
In fact as you saw on the video is much more easier to train pigs than Filipino to speak English with a British accent that often times even Britons when speaking, can't understand a damn word, so heavy the accent is! So I think better keep it Filipino!

Vocal training for accents is also a plus adding to that most Filipinos speak at least 3 languages which can be much more if they worked overseas. Reality is that most Filipinos abroad would like to be home and call centre’s can offer that ability by offering better or similar salaries to what they get for working on contract overseas.

Of course that's not the case in my business. Unless the "agent" was working as a slave for an Arab family where I am working also when business are slow in the Philippines, like Oman or Qatar, she won't be better off working for me. The minimum wages in the province of Cebu is 300 pesos a day, in most countries of Europe 3000 a day. How much can I pay?

The call centre’s then gain experienced staff that are also well educated. But even if the education itself isn’t relevant to the job the desire to succeed and wanting to work for a local company that offers a better way of life is something foremost in peoples minds.

Fact is that 24 hour BPO is expanding in the Philippines and its not all about cost cutting, often its about expanding the sales network of companies. Having a call centre bolt on to the side of an existing business improves customer service and marketing on a daily basis in a cost affective manner.

But the damn problem comes up again! Where are the customers? Dare to believe I'll never see one! So I took a decision. I'm packing everything in my "new" 4x4 and moving to Makati. I'll start over again, from scratch, working out of my car,no agents needed , just me and my smart pigs. OK Babe? We'll park the car just below the Indians' offices in Makati and start taking their leftovers for "processing" on our own way OK Babe?

Lalala lalala!!!!


BPO24hour offers low cost solutions to outsourcing.

BPO24hour have been looking at making outsourcing more viable to the small business.

Philippines Outsourcing | Call centre and virtual assistant services.
Hi I'm Babe the smart Piggy! Please ask an interview with me you'll be surprized aith my performance. I can even sell you a bridge! Humans don't know how to do it.

Although people generally seem to think call centre’s are for the large corporations in reality campaigns are being taken on from as little as 4 hours a week. But why would you bother someone might ask. see’s the big picture those 4 hours for a company may be an expensive resource when money is tight. Yet us being able to show not only that its a good investment but how it may actually increase productivity and revenue is our part of the deal. To the point we often spend just as much time with small clients as we do large. Primarily because we know that from small acorns grow great trees.

Adding to that, you help a Briton survive here in the Philippines so I can stop working 20/24 as a security guard in the Middle East to feed my family. I know I have made many mistakes here:

I have falsely reported fellow foreigners to the Philippines National Police for gain, I have duplicated peoples web sites and forum domain names to divert traffic to mines, I have hundreds of fake pages on FB for the purpose making links to my blogs, I have plenty of fake sites on Evan Iliadis I supported criminals and wanted men.

I have also supported con artists like Tim Potter and Guenther Vomberg helped them with their scams in the Expat community in Cebu. I feel so sorry...I have lost everything!..My forum has 2 visitors a day and 4 members posting once in while. My blogs bring zero income.

Please help me survive! First week of service is free, second week (if you are still here) you pay 3 kilo of rice and 5 kilos of salted dry fish, the third week...well...we'll talk again.. if you're still around...

But at the same time we are well aware the West is in recession but right now I think things are beginning to change. When I was messaged today that the UK pound had hit an all time low against the Philippines peso at 57, before I would have been a bit worried as I relied on money from the West.

These days I don’t and to be honest its actually got to the point where investing in the UK is extremely viable for me.
If I am thinking of doing this who else is? In 2007 I was getting 98 pesos to the pound so I am looking at nearly 50% difference in today's rates in the favour of buying from the UK.
Off course, this is possible assuming I have cash money to spend, but as I have none, what the fuck I'm dreaming here? Pound at 57 or pound at 157 it doesn't make any difference to me anyway!...

Now you may think this fly’s in the face of the outsourcing industry but in reality it won’t make any difference to our business and its competitive edge, except in a positive way. If the UK market is about to start recovering due to its competitive edge for exports then all I can see is the benefit for the future.

We are a bolt on addition to any business and its not about “taking jobs” but creating them. Having our telesales and BPO services actually means we are making your company more viable yet lowering overheads. You should thank me for that and pray for me daily and even nightly to stay in business !– Telesales Job Openings in Cebu,Philippines!

Our telemarketing opportunities have been increasing steadily to the point we are now ready to recruit more telemarketers!

You will need to be time served and experienced in telemarketing, primarily for the U.S. Market but we are expanding currently into Australia and the UK as well. Soon we shall install a born on the entrance of the building distributing priority tickets so damn big the demand is!.. We need people because the next batch of smart pigs won't be operational before months!

What we can offer if you deliver high sales is a salary that will reflect a higher income based on performance. We are well aware that locally companies are paying around P12,000 – P16,000
But if you can perform and hit targets on a regular basis our expectations is that you can be earning P25,000+.
better than selling bogus vitamins door to door on the the bario!..But let's make sure you understand what we are talking here:

At this point there isn't a single customer waiting in line for our services. It's up to you to kick your ass and bring them in!
I will provide you with all the training tools and knowledge on how to become a star in the BPO world!.
You'll also be introduced to the barfine type owners of bars in Cebu that happened to be my friends and partners, they will gladly accept your business on a commission basis. Example: Barfine=3000 pesos, the girl gets only 500, you the"agent will get 500 and the 2000 ofcourse will go to the owner, who in turne will pay me - Matt Wilkie- 800 pesos! But of course, is not without strings attached. You should convince the customer to all ways use our services to rent the girl from the bar, ( That's what we call barfine= take the girl out of the bar for the night)!
Got it?Isn't fair to all?

So if your a committed sales marketer and capable of hitting targets on a regular basis please apply! We have around 10 vacancies currently open at the moment, but based on performance of those people who fill them and as such we continue to gain happy clients. The expectation is that we could be hiring 10 or more people per month with experience.

We are based in Minglanilla and currently a small call centre but with that we treat people “like people” and not cattle! We want you to be earning well and living well and that’s our commitment to you. In return you hit the targets and bring home the sales we can offer a good regular income. Send your Resume

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Outbound call center Philippines

We are a great outbound call center resource not because we think we are but because we prove by our results. We have managed to develop with a group of expats in the Philippines who came from the U.S. , United Kingdom and Australia as well as New Zealand allowing us a better insight into how countries operate.

Why this is important is it allows accents to be improved, regional information and an understanding of local population and how to deal with the calls we make to each nation. I myself have been an outbound call center agent for over 4 years now and have seen the progression of improved quality in the call center industry based in the Philippines.

I do believe the Philippines offers not only the best BPO solution but the most viable due to the fact the staff are not only cost affective but keen to develop for your company. They want to succeed and as such their success is your success.

Our outbound call center is based in Cebu,Philippines and has recruited many experienced staff that are regionally based. The concept of our outbound call center is to move slight on the border of Cebu city thus giving us a competitive edge on the much larger call centers. Why? Because we offer competitive rates and the same service but at a lower competitive cost. The fact is if your a small to medium sized business we are the call center for you. We have multiple agents ready to take your calls and develop your strategy all of which are experienced call center agents.

Fact is if you had the option to travel for 2 – 3 hours a day into the city or get paid the same living in the suburbs which would you choose? This is part of our recruitment strategy of living on the outer rim of Cebu city. We are recruiting seasoned agents and due to being on the outside of the city we have lower overheads offering the same skills and level of service but being able to maintain a good price for our customers.

If your serious about selling online or serious about outsourcing I highly recommend dropping us an email for an honest quote. No bells and whistles but serious pricing to offer a serious service.


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