cry babe cry!

Matt Wilkie is not happy with the competition! So, you are telling us your are a victim? No! you are the trash of the internet, YOU have copied hundreds of web pages, you have stolen pictures from Evan's family Facebook and published them on your blogs, he and anyone from his family don't care, the community know who we are, you have snitched and tried to destroy any one close to you, stole their sites and their work, falsely reported them to the Philippines National Police in Cebu. You put your sites on a whitelist? Put them where you want we will find them and destroy them. Because is nothing else of copycat work, defamation, a cover-up to your criminal nightlife activities in Cebu.
Google should put you on their black list! So should facebook and twitter! For having more than 20 fake sites there..
You have been abandoned by any one, left with 2 miserable partners residents of Evan's wall of shame, Christopher Bennetts and the like you schizophrenic Guenther Vomberg.
-No matter how many blogs you will post on the internet promoting yourself as stand up good person and character, all will be proven to be rip-off, same as any other exiled from the first world sexpat has done to mask his real life style in the Philippines, that is a scammer.
-No matter how many proxy IP detectors you will put on your worthless forum to lock Evan out, he will ridicule you on the spot like this one:

cry babe cray!

By the way, who's that guy yazdbad545712 with a web site that on the surface is selling dentelle but the more we click on we will end up on another pedophilia site you as the one you are a member? And this one here? Шильников? What this Rusian does in your site? I also noticed Warlord and Voyager are here. Enjoy them! I am now going to switch from admin to guest and and show you the current state of your bancrupt forum you mantain for the purpose of link exchange.Look at the screenshot.

cry babe cry!

Do you see the date on your calendar? Just minutes ago of the writing of this page. So detective? Internet guru? I'm faking pictures again? How about this one? Is the laughing point here? Not yet! Reader, do you see that today the mother of all forums in Cebu had 5 posting only including 3 from Matt and one from Americano? and is considered a good day! Let's all now have a big fat fecking Greek laughing then go through the pages of this site and see what the Philippines inherits from the first world: Scumbags!


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Matt Wilkie from tropical penpals